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We don't accept clients with anger management issues  or self harming tendencies.

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What Couple want?

Updated: Feb 14

Every couple is looking for the same thing: respect, compassion, understanding and someone you can have fun with. So many times, due to our lives changes we tend to forget to prioritize us as a couple. What happens over a course of time, with being too busy to speak or share time, the relationship become stale or boring.

When couple start to get boring they run the risk in questioning their love for each other.

They start wondering if they made a mistake in choosing this person.

In fact, the love is there but now you need to start prioritizing each other in a different manner.

Date nights, No cell phones or social media to substitute being alone or bored.

Counseling or therapy helps the couple understand their frustration or unhappiness by breaking down the need of each other individually.

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