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Staying Calm and Sharing Virtual Bear hugs!

As a couple being responsible for children, elderly parents, relatives or staff can be overwhelming during this lockdown due to this virus. It is normal to feel unhappy or afraid. It is also normal to be more anxious and frustrated. It is normal to feel afraid financially because you had to close down your business. I had to closed down my practice since March 16 2020.

Yes these uncertainty is normal.

My personal suggestion is to become creative in the form of thinking about your situation right now.

1. Start listening to your era music that made you feel happy.

2. Start watching old movies you grew up with and introduce those movies to your kids or teens.

3. Start gardening if you have a yard, and you are now home working.

4. Start having breakfast with the family or as a couple outside your home- hopefully in your back yard.

5. Start walking around your neighborhood - keeping distanced from crowds.

6. Start reading a book or audio book.

7. Start having a deeper prayer life - open bible read it daily it helped me with insomnia!

8. Netflix has exercising serious or yoga!

9. Walk you pet around a safe school park or around your neighborhood.

10. Stop complaining and start appreciating your blessings!

I have incorporated all the above. The only not able to incorporate is walking my cats around the neighborhood. But I did incorporate a video - telling everyone on a app called next door- neighbors - to provide a virtual bear hug outside your window or door. it can be a teddy bear out in front of your window - or it can be drawn by kids or a pic of a teddy bear hugs. This virtual teddy bear hug are for all those delivery people out there - for your neighbors walking around the area. Virtual bear hugs for all those that keep us connected - safe and protected - all the many behind the scene that we have no clue that are risking their lives outside their own safety.

share love and compassion to the other!

Self- piety can be a negative addiction habit.! share a virtual bear hug! Start today

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