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We don't accept clients with anger management issues  or self harming tendencies.

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Marriage and Family Counseling Miami

Hi. My name is Maria Ramos. My practice is called marriage and family counseling. It's a pleasure for me to speaking to you today. My practice has been open for 12 years. I specialize in couple counseling, relationship issues, marriage counseling, children and teens, behavior or communication with parents issues.

I like to customize by sessions according to the need of each client individually. I like to empower my clients with information and provide them the tools in order for them to reach their goals. Honesty is one of the equipments that I like to have with my clients so that they can be completely transparent and be able to speak to me openly without judgment and be able to provide them the wisdom and the knowledge that they're looking for in order to resolve their issues.

If you're interested in making an appointment, you can contact me directly at 305-NINE-6TY-2334 four you could also look at my website, which is and have a lovely day.