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Low Self Esteem and Relationship Break Up Go Hand in Hand

In today’s relationships, self esteem can play major role in the success of your relationship. If you or your partner suffers of low self esteem, many things can and will happen. You will have trouble opening up and sharing with your lover which in tern will make it very difficult for your partner to connect with you. If you are building an imaginary wall around you and keeping everyone at a safe distance, there is no chance you will have a successful relationship.

What should you look for in someone’s self esteem and how can it break your relationship?

Low esteem can ruin your relationship so let’s examine 8 most common symptoms.

The number one reason is if someone is always worried about the future or the past. They fail to live in the moment. Typically someone with low self esteem will act that way because they think they don’t deserve to be happy so they will always revive their past, usually something that happened that was very negative or they will look into the future at various situation that may or may not happened. If you are that person, and you start feeling like you are starting to relive the past or starting to focus on the future, focus on your breathing. The funny thing happens when you focus on breathing, you have to be in the moment to do that.

Another low self esteem sign is when someone is always trying to get something they can’t reach or feel should be theirs, they fell like there is some injustice against them and fell like they aren’t deserving of whatever somebody else may have. The first step in this case is to learn to appreciate what you have before you can get something you don’t have. So change your vision and start by providing gratitude to others for what you have.

Next is destroying your own success. You may say, what do you mean/ well someone who is suffering of low self esteem can feel they are not deserving of any success so when he or she achieves their goals, they will do something to destroy it. This can only be change if you change your habits. It certainly sounds a lot easier then it is to accomplish but surely it can be done. Start by becoming aware of what you are doing and take it step by step.

Someone who suffers of low self esteem may also put themselves down all the time. What I mean is that they could constantly say, I’m no good, I don’t deserve this, I can’t do this etc. everything is always negative and I’m not talking about the person that claims they failed their school test every week to only come out with an A each time (My wife, she drives me nuts). In order to help yourself here, you must monitor your self talk. The way you phrase your response to any comments you make. Example it could be instead of saying “ I would never get this”; you could say “Up until now, I never got this”. This makes your statement sound a little more positive.

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