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We don't accept clients with anger management issues  or self harming tendencies.

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Common Goals:
  • Maintain good communication

  • Learn how to fight fairly

  • Be prepared to cope with changes

  • Learn to accept your in-laws

  • Discuss and agree regarding career goals

  • Discuss and agree on goals about children

  • Explore together your life journey

  • Don’t let questionable values shape your marriage

  • Make your marriage intimate

  • Learn to deal with land mines: past issues, negative influences,  money problems, etc.

  • Sexuality

  • Personality differences


Reasons for success:

Couples are advised that honesty, providing all necessary information, cooperation, keeping appointments on time, and a sincere desire for change and improvement are all imperative to increase the chance of successful outcome. Additionally, a willingness to work "towards" and "with" the process of healing is essential.

Couple's Counseling - Miami


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