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We don't accept clients with anger management issues  or self harming tendencies.

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Common Goals:
  • Maintain good communication

  • Learn how to fight fairly

  • Be prepared to cope with changes

  • Learn to accept your in-laws

  • Discuss and agree regarding career goals

  • Discuss and agree on goals about children

  • Explore together your life journey

  • Don’t let questionable values shape your marriage

  • Make your marriage intimate

  • Learn to deal with land mines: past issues, negative influences,  money problems, etc.

  • Sexuality

  • Personality differences


Reasons for success:

Couples are advised that honesty, providing all necessary information, cooperation, keeping appointments on time, and a sincere desire for change and improvement are all imperative to increase the chance of successful outcome. Additionally, a willingness to work "towards" and "with" the process of healing is essential.

Common Goals:
  • Relieving stress and anxiety

  • Coping with Depression

  • Developing intimacy and trust

  • Strengthening self-esteem

  • Developing healthy boundaries

  • Dealing with grief, loss and/or loneliness

  • Loving without addiction

  • Resolving career conflicts

  • Overcoming co-dependency

  • Eliminating sexual difficulties

  • Healing childhood wounds

  • Managing anger

  • Mastering the ability to express healthy emotion

  • Overcoming money and power struggles

  • Working through midlife crisis

  • Exploring purpose, meaning, spiritual growth

  • Cementing or clarifying commitments

  • Freeing creativity, spontaneity and joy

  • Dealing with guilt due to separation, divorce or infidelity


Reasons for success:

Counseling enables clients to see that change is possible and gives them HOPE for a new outlook on the future.


There are many milestones that while positive, can also be difficult
adapting to. Many families faced with these changes seek counseling
to learn positive tools to better adapt to a changing family. 

Common challenging events:

  • New business opportunity

  • New job or career

  • Purchase of a home

  • Moving

  • Marriage

  • Birth of a child

  • Child entering school

  • Child entering adolescence

  • Child launching into adulthood

  • Birth of grandchild

  • Retirement


Unfortunately, families are sometimes faced with difficult and life altering events or circumstances that they are ill equipped to handle. Counseling can help families express their concerns in a positive way as well as teach you the tools to help adapt to these changes.

Common challenging events:

  • Relocation of households

  • Loss of a business or job

  • Change in social -economic status

  • A major accident with injuries

  • Disability

  • Miscarriage

  • Marital separation

  • Divorce

  • Death of a child, parent and/or spouse


Reasons for success:

Counseling  can assist to “normalize” and prepare the family to handle the complex issues during the stages of life, which have caused hardships and strains.

A highly effective and useful means of help for married couples
who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, such as
repetitive arguments, feelings of distance or emptiness, dissatisfaction,
lack of affection or sexuality, resentment and/or disrespect.



  • 50% of all first marriages will end in divorce and some predict this percentage is growing to nearly two thirds.

  • The average length of a first marriage is 7 years. Of the young people who divorce 75% will remarry, yet 60% of those couples will divorce again.

  • The average age at the time of divorce is 36 for men and 33 for women.

  • The reasons people give for divorcing are chiefly communication, power struggles, unrealistic expectations, sex, decision-making, demonstrating affection, money management and lack of loving feelings.

  • The number of children living with both parents declined from 85% to 68% between 1970 and 1996.

  • The proportion of children living with one parent grew from 12% to 28% during this same time span.

Quoted from Census Bureau's release about its report on


Reasons for success:

Couples are advised that honesty, providing all necessary information, cooperation, keeping appointments on time, as well as a sincere desire for change and improvement are all imperative to increase the chance of a successful outcome. Additionally, a willingness to work "towards" and "with" the process of treatment is essential.

Teenagers face many challenges these days with pressure
from peers to fit in and pressure from parents to achieve.
At the same time they experience hormonal changes that
affect their emotional stability and moods. At times this
makes them feel overwhelmed and out of control. Faced
with the need to be accepted and a desire to be independent,
Counseling is an incredible support.

Reasons for success:

  • Counseling can help you figure out what you want from life and how to get it.

  • A place to be real and honest with yourself about what you want and need.

  • You are treated as the expert about yourself (because you know yourself best).

  • A non-judgmental adult to talk to about any problems you might have.

  • Unbiased people who will help you to understand your problems or why others think you have problems.

  • Counseling working together with parents, teachers and/or others to understand where the teen is coming from.


Counseling Thru Play:


The aim of counseling thru play is to decrease those behavioral and emotional difficulties that interfere significantly with a child's normal functioning and learning.  The child plays out his/her feelings, bringing these hidden emotions to the surface where he/she can face them and cope with them.


This method is excellent for children who are distraught due to family problems such as sibling rivalry, bullying, and death of a loved one, parental separation, divorce or other stressers within their home environment.

Reasons for success:

Cousneling thru play provides children an opportunity to express themselves in a positive manner. It is also beneficial for their parents as it provides coaching and training.



Self-Esteem Workshops 

individually for Adults/Teens

Self-esteem is the a person's overall subjective emotional evaluation
of his or her own worth.  Many times a person's self-worth is affected
by how they feel valued, loved and accepted by others.
Experiencing problems with self-esteem is very common among
individuals throughout certain times in their lives, especially during
teen years when individuals are finding who they are and where they
fit into this world. 
However, life experiences and circumstances can affect an individual's self-esteem at any point in life.
This workshop helps to identify various causes of lack of self-esteem as well as feelings of shame and/or guilt brought on by specific circumstances ranging from unhealthy relationships, bullying at school/work, family problems,  etc.  Indivudals will be given the tools to be able to build on the self-esteem so they may be able to appreciate their own self-worth and take pride in their abilities, skills and accomplishments.

Stress Management Workshop

Individually: Adults/Teens/Couples

In today's societly stress and/or pressure is a rising concern

amongst individuals as well as the main cause of various

emotional and physical ailments. 

Whether it's with school, parents, work or friends, there are

times when many individuals feel overwhelmed by life. 


This workshop is designed to help individuals identify the causes of stress as well as the development of positive coping mechanisms to help deal and relieve stress.


Many individuals, couples, and families who are of practicing faith

in Christ often seek counseling inspired by their religious beliefs and

morals. For this reason, we also offer a Faith-based method of


Is your life in crisis?

Are you looking for hope?

Are you lacking drive, meaning and /or purpose?

Do you yearn for a restored relationship and/or family unity and peace?

Are you trying to prevent a separation or a divorce?

Are you experiencing difficulties parenting your children or teens?

Have you experimented with other types of counseling to improve the quality of your life, save your relationship, your marriage and/or your kids?

“Whatever your problem may be, God's Word is always relevant.”